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We have seen and responded to orphans as children calling out for our support. However, we have been blind to their problems as they reach maturity.

As vulnerable young adults, they are often flung into society without guidance or support. They remain faceless and voiceless, unseen and unheard.

We invite you to contribute and collaborate with our novel approach to empowering orphans as they reach adulthood.

It’s not just about giving them a chance at life. It’s about giving them a choice in their future.

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Imagine that you’re 17, just shy of 18. You’re classified as an orphan. You’ve spent the majority of your young life living in Child Care Institutions across Sri Lanka. The home – at times, overcrowded, understaffed, and neglected – does not provide a comfortable life, but it is the only protection you’ve known, and you’ve survived.

But now that you’re turning 18, you’re compelled to leave institutional care. You pack your bag – which can hold everything you own – and step out into the world alone. You have no one to turn to, no one to mentor you, to lend a helping hand, or offer a shoulder to cry on when things get difficult.

What would you do?

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