Amana Bank is a licensed commercial bank in Sri Lanka practising Islamic finance

Flexi Term Investment Account

Now experience the convenience of depositing additional funds to your term investments account at any time you wish. Unlike traditional Term Investments, you don’t have to wait till the maturity of your account to deposit additional funds or to go through the hassle of opening multiple Term Investments.

Stop struggling with many accounts. Open an Amãna Bank Flexi Term Investment Account TODAY and enjoy the convenience!

What’s on offer

  • Ability to deposit additional funds at any given time
  • The unique ability to do Fund Transfers, Remittances or even cash deposits directly to your Flexi Term Investment Account
  • High Profit Sharing Ratio
  • Monthly profits automatically reinvested to the account to give you the best return
  • Quarterly statements and Internet Banking facility to monitor your investment growth
  • Funds can be withdrawn at the end of 12 months
  • Ability to start with a minimum investment of Rs. 100,000/-
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