Amana Bank is a licensed commercial bank in Sri Lanka practising Islamic finance


With the objective of enabling growth and enriching lives, Amãna Bank offers a range of corporate financing products. Our range of products enables us to guide you towards the most suitable solutions to satisfy your needs and help you achieve success.

Financing Products

Import Financing/ Local Purchase Financing

Import Financing/ Local Purchase Financing also known as Murabaha Financing is a contract where in the bank, upon request by the customer, purchases an asset from a 3rd party supplier/ vendor and sells it to the customer with an agreed mark up (cost plus profit) either against immediate payment or on a deferred payment basis. If the cost of a transaction cannot be identified and only the selling price is disclosed, locally or internationally Musawamahcan be used.

Product Features

  • Import Finance/Local Purchase Financing is used for short/ medium/ long term finance for :
    • Raw material
    • Inventory
    • Equipment
    • Asset financing
    • Vehicle financing
    • or any other asset to be purchased.
  • The commodity to be sold to the customer has to be in a tangible form or ensured of its existence and the seller must have the ownership of the commodity.
  • The bank, the customer and the seller must mutually agree upon the price of the commodity.
  • Flexible repayment plans (short term / long term)

Working Capital Financing (Finished Goods)

Working Capital Financing (Finished Goods) or Tijarah is a Sale & Agency based financing facility for customers who sell Finished Goods on a credit basis. The facility will enable the Customers to sell their Finished Goods stock, meet their working capital requirements and enjoy the benefits of cash sales.

Under this concept the Bank will purchase the finished goods of the Customers and will appoint the Customer as its agent to sell the same goods in the market generally on credit basis. Tijarah Financing can be done for local sales and exports.

Product Features

  • A Working Capital Financing (Finished Goods) contract is permitted for Ready-to-Sale goods, either on Credit basis or on Cash basis and held in customer’s inventory for longer period.
  • Price for the contract should be known at the conclusion of the contract.
  • The price of the contract is paid on the spot with immediate delivery of goods.

Working Capital Financing (Work- in- Progress)

Working Capital Financing (Work- in- Progress) or Istisnais a contract of sale of specified items to be manufactured or constructed, with an obligation on the part of the manufacturer or builder (contractor) to deliver them to the bank upon completion. Subsequently the bank would deliver the manufactured / built item to the customer.

Product Features

  • An Istisna contract is permitted only for raw materials that can be transformed from their natural state by a manufacturing or construction process involving labor. The subject matter is always a thing, which needs to be manufactured.
  • If description of complete specification of the type, kind, quality and quantity of the subject matter to be produced have been given to the manufacturer and funds have also been disbursed for construction/ manufacturing then the manufacturer is bound to manufacture the Asset and cannot terminate the contract unilaterally.

Asset Financing

Asset Financing is based under the principles of Diminishing Musharaka.

Under Diminishing Musharaka, The Bank and the Customer jointly purchase the Asset (i.e. property/machinery etc.) and then the Bank leases its share to the customer. The Customer buys the equity share of the Bank gradually until the title to the equity is completely transferred to him.

There will be a mandatory holding period of 12 months, during which the customer cannot purchase units of the portion of the property owned by the Bank and will only service a monthly rental, hence, the ownership of the asset between Amãna Bank and the customer will remain unchanged.

Term Financing (Partnership based)

In the business context means a joint enterprise in which all the partners share the profit or loss of the joint venture based on the concept of Musharaka. Musharaka is a partnership / joint enterprise where the partners share the profit or loss of the joint venture.

Types of Term Financing

  • Local Musharaka : If a customer wants to finance his entire business by Amãna Bank a Local Musharaka financing can be used.
  • Transaction Musharaka : Transaction Musharaka will only be used for a particular transaction of a company.

Product Features

  • Both bank and customer will contribute capital towards the Musharaka transaction.
  • The ratio of profit distribution must be agreed at the time of execution of the contract.
  • The Bank will act as the sleeping partner and customer will be the main working partner of the partnership. A Bank representative will be observing the activities of the business.
  • Any genuine losses occurred by the business will be borne by the Bank and customer according to the capital contribution ratio.
  • If any losses occurred due to negligence of the customer, the customer has to bare the total loss.

Investment Financing

In Investment Financing which is based on the sharia concept of Wakala, the customer will be acting as agent in investing the Banks funds with an expected return. The Customer will be entitled for a Wakala/Agency fee for his/her service.


This product is based on the principles of Ijarah where bank buys the asset (vehicles, machine, equipment, etc.) desired by the customer and rents it to him with the promise to gift it at the end of the rental period.

According to the lease agreement the lessor (Amãna Bank) conveys to the lessee (Customer), the right to use an asset for an agreed period of time, in return for a payment or series of payment

Product Features

  • Up to 100% of the value of the asset can be financed.
  • Rentals will be due only upon commencement of usage of the asset.
  • Rentals will be charged only if the asset is in working condition.
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