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Opening of New Account from Internet Banking

Existing Amãna Bank customers can now open new Term Investment accounts without requiring to visit any branch by using the messaging feature on our Internet Banking platform.


How to send an Account Opening message through the Internet Banking platform

Step 1

Internet Banking Portal

Go to the 'Messages' page and Select 'New Message.'

Mobile Banking App

Go to the Inbox from the main menu and click the Plus icon to type a new message.

Step 2

Type the following details in the message and click Send.

Message type : Select ‘Open an Account’ from the dropdown menu

Subject : New Term Investment Account

Message :

I hereby request the bank to open me a new account as instructed below at the prevailing profit sharing ratio based on the selected product type

a). Product type : Term Investment Account

b). Tenor of the account : 3 months / 6 months / 12 months / 24 months / 36 months / 60 months (select only applicable)

c). Profit payment : At maturity / monthly : (select only applicable)

d). Currency : USD/LKR (select only applicable)

e). Amount to invest/transfer :

f). Account No. at Amãna Bank to Debit/transfer funds from :

g). Account No. at Amãna Bank to credit/transfer Profits to :

Please Note

  1. Please ensure you provide accurate information in the format given by the bank,
  2. Customer who submit their request on Internet Banking will receive a call to his registered contact number from our call center for verification if required.
  3. Once the account is opened the customer will receive a confirmation via email to his registered email address.
  4. Term Investment certificates will not be issued to these accounts
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