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  • Vehicle Financing | Vehicle Leasing - Amãna Bank PLC Sri Lanka

    Vehicle Financing

    We will buy the Asset (vehicle, machine, equipment) you need. We will rent it to you so that you could enjoy the full usage of it. At the end of the agreed rental period we will gift the Asset to you so that you could also enjoy the full ownership of it. This is our concept of Leasing.

  • Home Finance - Amãna Bank PLC Sri Lanka

    Home Financing

    We know how important your home is for you and your family. This is why we are eager to help you secure it. We will partner with you in buying / building your home and let you buy back our share over a period of time. We will rent our share of the house to you so that you could enjoy the full usage of the house at all times.

  • Bike Financing | Bike Leasing - Amãna Bank PLC Sri Lanka

    Bike Financing

    The convenience and hustle, when you travel is very important for you and me. Having a motor bike will enhance our lives to get our day to day jobs done easily and quickly. With Amana Bank Bike Financing now you can purchase your own scooter or motor bike.

  • Apartment Finance - Amãna Bank PLC Sri Lanka

    Apartment Financing

    Ever dreamt of living in the heart of the city with a mesmerizing landscape, a secure community and proximity to many amenities and localities without the worries of going through the hassles of purchasing land and construction? An apartment would be the ideal choice of living to complement your lifestyle.

  • Easy Payment Plan - Amãna Bank PLC Sri Lanka

    Easy Payment Plan

    Make your life more convenient. Now you can purchase furniture, household or personal appliances through your bank's Easy Payment Plan.

  • Education Finance - Amãna Bank PLC Sri Lanka

    Education Financing

    You can easily pursue your higher studies with Amana Bank’s Education Finance.

  • Solar Financing - Amãna Bank PLC Sri Lanka

    Solar Financing

    All you need to do is direct your electricity bill payment to meet the facility installment for few years. You can then start enjoying free electricity and be satisfied on your contribution towards a greener planet.

  • Emergency Cash - Amãna Bank PLC Sri Lanka

    Emergency Cash

    Your emergency financial requirements can now be fulfilled at your bank. Amãna Bank provides an alternative financing solution to fund your emergency cash needs by pledging your Gold Safekeeping Certificate.

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