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A Bonus For Your Standing Order.

A Bonus For Your Standing Order.

In order to make saving convenient and easy Amana Bank offers the Standing Order (SO) platform, where the parent/ guardian can create an order to transfer money to their Child’s account from their account on a monthly basis.

Place an active standing order to your child’s account & receive a bonus standing order payment to their account equal to the value of your standing order.

The bonus SO will be subject to a minimum of LKR 250 and maximum of LKR 2,000 and will be applicable only for children’s savings account holders below 12 years.

Terms and Condition

  • The promotion is applicable only for monthly standing orders
  • The minimum monthly standing order value in order to be eligible for the promotion is LKR 250
  • The account holders will receive a bonus SO equivalent to their monthly SO amount up to a maximum of LKR 2,000
  • For Standing Orders created up to 01.01.2020 all 12 months of SO’s should have been completed in 2020 while any SO created after 01.01.2020 and up to 31.03.2020 will have to have complete each subsequent months SO payment successfully till 31.12.2020 from the date of activation.
  • New standing orders created after 31.03.2020 will not be eligible for this.
  • In the event of new standing orders being created the end date of the standing order should be placed until the child turns 18
  • Even if a Children’s Savings account has multiple SO’s only one bonus payment will be applicable equal to the highest SO payment amount which has been successfully realized
  • In case of any dispute the Bank’s Decision will be final