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What is Term Investment

Our Term Investment Accounts are based on the principle of profit sharing. We offer your investment a share of the profits earned through our investment pool. The better the performance of the investment pool, the higher the profit payable to you.

  • Minimum Investment : Rs. 25,000/-
  • Attractive Profit Sharing Ratios (click here for latest profit rates paid)
  • Tenures to choose from
    • 3 Months - Maturity
    • 6 Months - Profit at Maturity/ Monthly
    • 12 Months - Profit at Maturity/ Monthly
    • 24 Months - Profit at Maturity/ Monthly
    • 36 Months - Profit at Maturity/ Monthly
    • 60 Months - Profit at Maturity/ Monthly
  • Other Benefits
    • Standing Instructions on profit transfers
    • Automated renewal option
  • Also available in key foreign currencies
  • Higher Profit Sharing Ratio paid for Senior Citizen Term Investment Accounts

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How people friendly Term Investment works

How does Savings & Term Investment Accounts operate in an Islamic Bank?

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*The above calculation is based on the last month's profit rates. The monthly profit is calculated with the assumption that the investment was placed at the beginning of the month

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