• WHY are people moving their life savings to Amãna Bank ?

WHY are people moving their life savings to Amãna Bank?

  • Strength of Amana Bank

    • Ranked amongst the top 50 Strongest Islamic Bank's in the world amongst  400+ Islamic Banks worldwide
    • One of the Fastest Banks in Sri Lanka to achieve a deposit base in excess of Rs 100 Bn
    • Performance Track Record crossing 1 Billion in profits (PBT) in 2021 within record time since launch
    • A public listed entity with Jeddah based Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Group having a 29.97% ownership. (IsDB) is ’AAA’ rated multilateral development financial institution with a membership of 57 countries
  • Personalized Service and Peace of Mind

    • Access to relationship managed priority banking services under Prestige, Vantage, ExpatGold and Business Plus platforms
    • Comfort and peace of mind based on the ethical and people friendly model of banking
    • Returns which increase along with the earnings of the Bank’s investment pool

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