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We at Amana Bank approach banking differently. Guided by our principles, we present a new way in Banking, enriched with Honour, Humanity, Stability and Uniqueness to all our customers.

The value proposition of our model comes from its focus on not limiting our financial transactions only to money (borrowing and lending) but integrating them with real sector transactions like trade, lease, investments, etc. This unique approach drives financial discipline at individual level, institution level and even at a country level and creates overall stability. Our model envisages financial discipline as a basis of earning our returns rather than financial indiscipline as a basis for our returns.

We do not involve ourselves or your investments in socially harmful industries such as liquor, gambling and tobacco, irrespective of how profitable they may be. Our mission is to enable growth and enrich the lives of the people of this country.

We have launched a series of informative animated videos to educate the public on the distinctive differences between conventional banking and our model of non-interest based participatory banking. The video series is available below for you to learn more about the highlights of the many people friendly features on offer on the various banking solutions

Understand Our Model

Understand Our Model
  • Islamic Banking vs Traditional Banking

    Islamic Banking vs Conventional Banking

    Is Islamic Banking any different from Conventional Banking? Watch this video to enlighten yourself

  • Trade Based Financing

    Trade Based Financing

    How does Trade Based (Murabaha) Financing work?

  • Vehicle Financing

    Vehicle Financing

    How does Vehicle Financing work? (Ijarah)

  • Home Financing

    Home Financing

    How does Home Financing work? (Diminishing Musharakah)

  • Savings and Investment Accounts

    Savings and Investment Accounts

    How does Saving & Term Investment Accounts operate in an Islamic Bank?

  • Gold Safekeeping

    Gold Safekeeping

    How does Gold Safekeeping Work?

  • Emergency Cash

    Emergency Cash

    How does Emergency Cash Work?

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