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    What is your Home Address? Do you own that Home Address? Or is that just a dream for you.

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We know how important your Home is for you and your family. This is why we are eager to help you secure your dream Home.

We will partner you in buying or building your own Home and let you buy back our share over a period of time. We will rent our shares of the house to you, so that you could enjoy the full usage of the house at all times.

We can help you on the following needs

We can help you on the following needs
  • Purchase a Bare Land for Home Construction
  • Purchase a Completed House/Apartment
  • Construct/Renovate/Extend your Home on your Own Land
  • Transfer an Existing Home Finance facility to Amãna Bank
  • Refinance the Costs incurred by you in Purchasing or Building your Home

What’s on offer

What’s on offer
  • Competitive rentals. Click here to calculate your monthly installment
  • Long term financing
  • Credit Approval within 3 days
  • Tailor-made repayment plans to suit your income capacity
  • Immediate Family members can apply jointly
  • Ability to settle the facility in advance with no additional charges
  • Facilities considered for self-employed individuals in Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans who are employed abroad*
  • A grace period of 12 months for construction and take over facilities

Documents Required

Documents Required
  • National Identity Card/Passport/Driving License
  • Income proof documents
  • Copies of Deeds and Survey plans of the Property
  • Certified Extracts from the Relevant Land Registry
  • Local Authority documents applicable for the Property

Terms and Conditions Apply

Call us on 011 7 756 756 or visit your nearest branch for details

Our Financial calculator now available for your convenience (Click here for Financial calculator).

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