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Gold Safekeeping Facility

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What is Gold Safekeeping Facility

Gold Safe Keeping is a unique people friendly banking product. Which will suppport you in your emergencies for your gold jewelleries.

When a customer brings the jewellery, all the articles will be tested for purity and weight. Thereafter, the Bank will issue a ‘Gold Safekeeping Certificate’ where the description, quality, and quantity of the articles will be mentioned along with the market value and the amount of the safekeeping fee. The custodial fee is charged for a 12 month period after which the articles may be redeemed or renewed for a further 12 month period at the new valuation.

However, the jewellery may be redeemed by surrendering the Gold Safekeeping Certificate even before the end of 12 months, in which case, the custodial fee will be calculated for the period it was in custody. Gold Safe Keeping Certificate maybe assigned as a security for obtaining a financing facility

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits
  • No deposits required
  • Competitive custodial fees
  • Safekeeping period up to 1 year
  • Free Takaful cover for safekept gold
  • Eligible to obtain an emergency cash facility by pledging your Gold Safekeeping Certificate under Amana Bank. ( Click Here to know about Emergency Cash Facility )

Watch how people friendly Gold Safekeeping Facility works

How people friendly Gold Safekeeping Facility works
Gold Safe Keeping

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