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Name of Bank Currency Detailed Account Number BIC Code
US Dollar Accounts
Standard Chartered Bank- New York US$ 3582-026548-001 SCBLUS33
Habib American Bank- New York US$ 20729613 HANYUS33
Mashreq Bank- New York (FCBU) US$ 70010027 MSHQUS33
Mashreq Bank- New York (DBU) US$ 70010402 MSHQUS33
Kookmin Bank- Seoul, South Korea (For South Korean payments only) US$ 8F8-8S-USD-01-0 CZNBKRSE
Standard Chartered Bank- Mumbai US$ (ACU) 22205507766 SCBLINBB
Mashreq Bank- Mumbai US$ (ACU) 61050687 MSHQINBB
HDFC Bank- Mumbai US$ (ACU) 50200037939664 HDFCINBB
AB Bank- Mumbai US$ (ACU) 5001-000055-155 ABBLINBB
Standard Chartered Bank- Pakistan US$ (ACU) 15-9612013-01 SCBLPKKX
Meezan Bank- Pakistan US$ (ACU) 0103487202 MEZNPKKA
Faysal Bank- Pakistan US$ (ACU) 3001389000004767 FAYSPKKA
AB Bank- Dhaka US$ (ACU) 4005-750146-040 ABBLBDDH
Euro Accounts
Standard Chartered Bank- Frankfurt EURO 500118508 SCBLDEFX
Banca UBAE- Rome EURO 0200120000132 UBAIITRR
Great Britain Pound
Standard Chartered Bank- London GBP 01269178701 SCBLGB2L
Japanese Yen
Standard Chartered Bank - Tokyo YEN 23762481110 SCBLJPJT
Australian Dollar
Standard Chartered Bank- Singapore AUD 0104014458 SCBLSG22
Singapore Dollar
Standard Chartered Bank- Singapore SGD 0106358332 SCBLSG22
UAE Dirham
Standard Chartered Bank- Dubai AED AE170440000015700043001 SCBLAEADXXX
Malaysian Ringgit
Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad- Kuala Lumpur MYR 14229010002967 BIMBMYKL
MayBank Malaysia- Kuala Lumpur MYR 614011685050 MBBEMYKL
Saudi Arabian Riyals
Bank Al-Jazira- Jeddah SAR 990050094001 BJAZSAJE
Chinese Yuan
Standard Chartered Bank- Shanghai CNY 501511301610 SCBLCNSXSHA
Indian Rupees
Standard Chartered Bank - Mumbai
INR 22205669146 SCBLINBB

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