• Amãna Bank PLC Management Team - Main Visual

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Management Committee

  • Mohamed Azmeer

    Mohamed Azmeer

    Chief Executive Officer

  • M. M. S. Quvylidh

    M. M. S. Quvylidh

    Chief Risk Officer

  • M. Pharis Jazeel

    M. Pharis Jazeel

    Senior Vice President - Treasury and Financial Institutions

  • Ajmal Naleer

    Ajmal Naleer

    Chief Compliance Officer

  • Ali Wahid

    Ali Wahid

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Siddeeque Akbar

    Siddeeque Akbar

    Vice President - Retail Banking and Marketing

  • Irshad Iqbal

    Irshad Iqbal

    Vice President - Business Banking

  • Rajitha Dissanayake

    Rajitha Dissanayake

    Chief Information Officer

  • Imtiaz Iqbal

    Imtiaz Iqbal

    Vice President - Operations

  • Fazly Marikar

    Fazly Marikar

    Vice President - Strategic Planning and New Product Initiatives

  • Numair Cassim

    Numair Cassim

    Chief Internal Auditor

  • Sulani Dayaratne

    Sulani Dayaratne

    Head of Legal

  • Farhan Refai

    Farhan Refai

    Head of Human Resources

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