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FCY Savings Account

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Foreign Currency Savings Account

With Amãna Bank Foreign Currency Accounts you can save your hard earned income in the currency of your choice and benefit from the profits earned through our investment pool.

What's On Offer

What's On Offer
  • Multiple currencies to choose from (USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, JPY and SGD)
  • Attractive profit rates (click here for latest profit rates paid)
  • E-Statement and E-mail banking Facility
  • Remit money directly to account through Lanka Money Transfer (LMT) Services
  • Advance Payment Guarantees


  • Individual residents in Sri Lanka who earn foreign exchange.
  • Sole proprietorships or Partnerships registered in Sri Lanka where the proprietor or a majority of partners are resident in Sri Lanka (in case of a partnership with two partners, at least one partner shall be a resident in Sri Lanka).
  • Companies incorporated in Sri Lanka.
  • Companies incorporated outside Sri Lanka which is registered as an overseas company under the Companies Act No 7 of 2007.
  • State Institutions with the recommendation of the Secretary to the relevant line Ministry or appropriate Authority.
  • Persons authorized to carry on business as a shipping agent or a general sales agent in Sri Lanka on behalf of a foreign shipping line or airline (foreign principal) with a valid license or authorization.

Documents Required

Documents Required
  • National Identity Card (NIC) / Passport / Driving License (DL) / Birth Certificate / Work Permit(Visa) / Employment Contract.

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