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Amana Bank Vantage

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Amãna Bank Vantage is a superior banking and financial services platform that is tailor-made for individuals who are progressing in expanding their horizons in life. Amãna Bank Vantage is designed to help accelerate your personal growth and be a financial partner in your success, Enriched by our unique banking model, we offer you the only private banking facility in Sri Lanka that is totally disengaged from interest based banking. Why further delay, unfold your potential to its highest peak.

What's On Offer

What's On Offer

Relationship Manager at your service.

Making financial decisions are not easy. Through our dedicated Relationship Manager we will proactively guide and advise you in taking the most beneficial path to leverage on your financial resources, and at the same time provide you with the very best in managing, building, and protecting your wealth. Rest assured, our Relationship Manager will be at your service, just a phone call away, taking care of all your banking requirements.

Tailor-made solutions for your financial aspirations.

With Amãna Bank Vantage, your financial needs and aspirations take utmost priority. That’s why our dedicated Relationship Managers will identify, design and offer you an array of tailor-made financing solutions, which will help propel you to take the next step UP.

A World of Benefits

A World of Benefits

Pamper yourself with a world of benefits including:

  • Special privileges on financing solutions
  • Dedicated Vantage centres at selected branches
  • Free Vantage Debit card with exclusive offers
  • Free ATM withdrawals at Amana Bank and Commercial Bank ATMs
  • Personalized cheque book
  • Free SMS Alerts on transactions
  • Doorstep Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Internet Banking

Innovative Investment Solutions

Innovative Investment Solutions

Flexi Term Investments

An account combining the best features of a Savings Account and a Term Investment Account to help you manage your savings wisely and conveniently.

A Term Investment that allows you to deposit additional funds at any time through counter deposits, cash deposit machines, fund transfers or remittances.

Amana Savings Plan

Amãna Bank Savings Plan facilitates you to reach a target savings amount by a desired time period helping you to develop the discipline of saving for the future and at the same time provides the contingency of a free life Takaful (Insurance) cover to help you and your family continue to pursue your financial aspirations.

Term Investment Accounts

Our Term Investment Accounts are based on the principle of profit sharing. We offer your investment a share of the profits earned through our investment pool. The better the performance of the investment pool, the higher the profit payable to you.

Financing Solutions

Financing Solutions
  • Vehicle Financing
  • Apartment Finance
  • Home Finance
  • Solar Financing
  • Education Finance for you and your loved ones
  • Easy Payment Plan
  • Emergency Cash

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

Enjoy exclusive membership to Amãna Bank Vantage by maintaining a Term Investment balance in excess of Rs 2 million or by crediting a monthly salary of over Rs 75,000 to Amãna Bank.

Contact Us at Your Convenience

Dedicated Hotline - 0117 756 789

Email - [email protected]

Or Visit Our Vantage Banking Representative at Your Closest Branch

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