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What is Expat banking Service

What is Expat banking Service

Are you working overseas ? Are you having an impressive salary, an interesting job ?

However living abroad is never easy, especially when your loved ones are back home in Sri Lanka. Being apart from your family, timely support and care of their financial requirements is essential, in your busy lifestyle. That’s why we believe you need a caring and dedicated financial partner back home to look into their finances as if you are personally attending to it. With a personalised touch, special privileges and superior service, Amãna Bank Expat Banking is a platform designed exclusively for you, to cater to your unique and diverse requirements of banking from abroad.

Relationship Management Services

Expat Banking Previleges
  • One-to-One Banking with a Dedicated Relationship Manager, offering convenience and peace of mind to you.
  • Priority service at all Amãna Bank branches during your visits to Sri Lanka.
  • Access to Home Financing and other Financing facilities with added convenience and preferred pricing to make your dreams back home come true.
  • International VISA Debit Card.
  • 24x7 support through our call centre to assist in your urgent banking requirements.
  • Exclusive privileges and offers.

Remittance Platforms

What are the platforms to remit money
Western Union
Ria Money Transfer
Lulu Exchange
Lanka Money Transfer
Maldives Islamic Bank
Alzaman Exchange

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