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What is Solar Financing

All you need to do is direct your electricity bill payment to meet the facility installment for few years. You can then start enjoying free electricity and be satisfied on your contribution towards a greener planet.

Features & Benefits

  • Financing from Rs. 100,000 to 3,500,000
  • Competitive installments
  • Up to 75% financing
  • Up to 8 years financing
  • Guarantors not required

Documents Required

  • National Identity Card / Passport / Driving License
  • Original invoice from the Solar supplier
  • Copy of recent electricity bill
  • Income justification and conformation documents
  • Completed application form

With the increase in residential electricity tariff rates, investing in solar power is the ideal solution as it not only saves you money but also saves the planet. If you want value for money on your investment, this offer should not be ignored.

If your average electricity usage is 360 units per month, you will approximately receive a bill of Rs. 16,000. By switching to solar power with Amana Bank Solar Financing you can save as much as 33% of this monthly cost*. Further after completing all your monthly installments, you will enjoy close to zero electricity costs, savings nearly 100%. For a period of 20 years your savings will add up to a minimum of Rs. 2.8 million or more, considering the volatile electricity rates.

Savings based on other units of electricity consumed are detailed below.

Watch how people friendly Solar Financing works

How People Friendly Solar Financing Works

Save your planet and Save your wallet at the same time.
Switch to solar powered energy with Amana Bank Solar Financing and enjoy free electricity and be satisfied on your contribution towards a greener planet.

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