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  • LKR Savings Account - Amãna Bank PLC, Sri Lanka

    LKR Savings Account

    Our Savings Accounts are based on the principle of profit sharing. We offer your investment a share of the profits earned through our investment pool.

  • FCY Savings Account - Amãna Bank PLC, Sri Lanka

    FCY Savings Account

    Grow Your Foreign Currency Earnings. Secure your future with Amana Bank.

  • Salary Savings - Amãna Bank PLC, Sri Lanka

    Salary Savings

    Have your monthly salary transferred to Amana Bank and experience a range of benefits including a profit on your monthly income.

  • Ladies Savings - Amãna Bank PLC, Sri Lanka

    Ladies Savings

    As a caring mother, a wife, a professional and an entrepreneur you play a valuable part in shaping your family, the society and the world. In doing so your financial freedom is important.

  • Children's Savings - Amãna Bank PLC, Sri Lanka

    Children's Savings

    Help your children achieve their full potential. Provide them with a strong financial foundation. Guide them towards financial discipline. Ensure they are taught the importance of being responsible, ethical and fair.Our Children's Savings account can help you achieve all this and more.

  • Senior Citizen Savings - Amãna Bank PLC, Sri Lanka

    Senior Citizen Savings

    We all dream of spending our retirement with peace of mind managing our own finances and resources. As your bank we are happy to offer a special savings account with a higher profit sharing ratio with added convenience and benefits just for you.

  • Savings Plan - Amãna Bank PLC, Sri Lanka

    Amana Savings Plan

    Amãna Bank Savings Plan is a unique saving scheme which allows you to reach a target savings amount by a desired time period, helping you to develop the discipline of saving for the future.

  • Pension Saver - Amãna Bank PLC, Sri Lanka

    Amana Pension Saver

    Amãna Bank Pension Saver is specially designed for Pensioners keeping in mind that your banking requirements are different and need special care. We offer a unique account that avails special privileges and value added services to enjoy hassle free banking in line with your lifestyle.

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