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Western Union Remittance Collection Services - Amãna Bank

You can now receive your Western Union Inward Remittance directly to your Amãna Bank account without requiring to visit your Bank branch.

Fund recipients could request for their account to be credited through either of the following platforms

Calling Amana Bank Call Center

Step 1

Existing customer contacts the Remittance Centre on 0761 828 731 or leave a missed call. Remittance centre will communicate with customer to verify the customer’s account details.

Step 2

Customer to provide the following details of the Western Union Transaction to the Remittance centre.

a). MTCN Number :

b). Sender’s Name :

c). Sender’s Country :

d). Recipient’s Name :

e). Expected Amount in LKR :

f). Recipient account number :

g). Recipient e mail number :

Sending a message through the Internet Banking platform

Step 1

Internet Banking Portal

Go to the 'Messages' page and Select 'New Message.'

Mobile Banking App

Go to the Inbox from the main menu and click the Plus icon to type a new message.

Step 2

Type the following details in the message and click Send.

Message type : Request approval

Subject: : Western Union Remittance

Message :

h). MTCN Number :

i). Sender’s Name :

j). Sender’s Country :

k). Recipient’s Name :

l). Expected Amount in LKR :

m). Recipient account to be credited :

n). Recipient e mail address

Please Note

  1. This service is available only during banking hours and any account credit requests received during non- banking hours (after 3.00pm) will be processed on the following working day.
  2. Customer who submit their request on Internet Banking will receive a call to his registered contact number from our call center for verification prior to processing the transaction.
  3. Once the account is credited the customer will receive a confirmation text to their registered mobile number/ e mail confirmation.
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