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Amana Bank's Ladies' Branch - an exclusive service for women

Amana Bank October 23, 2012

Amana Bank, Sri Lanka's premier bank to operate in complete harmony with Islamic banking principles, is honoured to be Sri Lanka's only bank with a branch that caters exclusively to the banking needs of ladies. Located at 480, Galle Road, Colombo 3, the Ladies' Branch offers its customers the convenience and flexibility of conducting their transactions in a comfortable environment with female staff to assist with all their banking needs.

Commenting on the exclusive service for ladies, the Bank's Chief Operating Officer Mr Mohamed Azmeer said "The Ladies' Branch is a unique offering in Sri Lanka's banking arena. We have recognized the escalating role played by women in the society and economy. We will continue to develop our services to meet their expectations and provide them with the best Islamic banking solutions. We are happy to have over 4,000 customers already banking with the Ladies' Branch and look forward to reaching out to many more customers who value our unique ladies banking proposition."

The Ladies' Branch, which has been in operation since 2002, is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this October. The Ladies' Branch can be contacted on their exclusive hotline +94 11 7756 381.


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