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Credit Approval within 3 Days for Your Dream Home with Amãna Bank

Amãna Bank September 3, 2016

Owning your dream home is now made easy with Amãna Bank Home Financing. Offering attractive financing schemes, Amãna Bank Home Financing gives the customer the option to purchase a bare land for construction; purchase a completed house or apartment; construct, renovate and extend one’s house or even refinance the costs incurred in purchasing or building a home. To benefit on the attractive schemes, customers also have the option of transferring an existing housing facility to Amãna Bank.

With Amãna Bank’s Home Finance Facility, the Bank will partner with the customer in buying or building the home and will let the customer buy back the Bank’s share over a period of time. The Bank will rent its share of the house to the customer so that the customer could enjoy the full usage of the house at all times.

Commenting on the Home Financing Facility, Amãna Bank’s Assistant Vice President and Head of Leasing & Home Finance Chaminda De Silva said “We have products to suit your need. Whether you are self-employed or salaried, Amana Bank will offer a facility that is just right for you.”

Amana Bank Home Finance Facility is designed for today’s home hunter and offers a number of benefits such as credit approval within 3 days, long term financing, a grace period of 12 months for construction and take over facilities, competitive rentals to suit your income capacity and many more. Customers can also calculate a monthly instalment to suit them best by visiting the Financing Calculator available on the Bank’s website www.amanabank.lk.


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