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Amãna Bank offers Best pricing for Home and Apartment Financing

Amãna Bank August 10, 2018

As non-interest based banking gains wider popularity amongst the public, Amana Bank’s Home and Apartment financing facility has been highly sort after with the current real-estate boom. Offering the best pricing in the industry, Amãna Bank’s home and apartment financing solution is not only comforting to one’s wallet, but also has many people friendly features distinguishing it from the conventional financing solutions. Key notable features of customer benefit include the Bank sharing the risk on the property and the Bank not charging any penalties or fees from the customer on early settlements.

With Amãna Bank’s unique financing facility, the Bank will partner with the customer in buying or building the home and will let the customer buy back the Bank’s share over a period of time. The Bank will rent its share of the house to the customer so that the customer could enjoy the full usage of the house at all times.

With credit approval guaranteed within 3 days, customers can benefit from a special low rental on the first 2 million for 15 years, making rentals more affordable.

The solution avails the customer the option to purchase a bare land for construction; purchase a completed house or apartment; construct, renovate and extend one’s house or even refinance the costs incurred in purchasing or building a home. To benefit on the attractive schemes, customers also have the option of transferring an existing housing facility to Amãna Bank.

Commenting on this unique financing solution, Amãna Bank’s Head of Retail Advances Ramakrishnan Kirubakaran Said “It is noteworthy to see the growing acceptance and penetration of our unique home and apartment financing solution based not only on affordability but also the unique features along with our promise to deliver utmost satisfaction. Amana Bank makes Home Financing more affordable to the low and middle income holders to own a place to call home and even settle their facilities early without any additional early settlement charges”

Customers can walk into any of the branches, call 0117756756 or visit www.amanabank.lk to find out more information on Home and Apartment Financing as well as calculate their rentals using the Bank’s financing calculator.

Amãna Bank is the country’s first and only Licensed Commercial Bank to operate in complete harmony with the globally growing non-interest based banking model. With the mission of Enabling Growth and Enriching Lives, the Bank reaches out to its customers through a growing network of 29 branches and 4000+ ATM access points and has introduced an array of customer conveniences such as Internet & Mobile Banking, Debit Card with SMS alerts, Online Account Opening, 365 Day Banking, Saturday Banking, Extended Banking Hours, 24x7 Cash Deposit Machines and Banking Units Exclusively for Ladies.

Amãna Bank PLC is a stand-alone institution licensed by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange with Jeddah based IDB Group being the principal shareholder having a 29.97% stake of the Bank. The IDB Group is a ‘AAA’ rated multilateral development financial institution with an authorized capital base of over USD 150 Billion which has a membership of 57 countries. Fitch Ratings, in June 2018, affirmed Amãna Bank’s National Long Term Rating of BB(lka) while upgrading its outlook to Positive from Stable. Amãna Bank does not have any subsidiaries, associates or affiliated institutions representing the Bank.

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