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Amãna Bank announces Scrip Dividend dates

Amãna Bank October 1, 2021

Having declared a LKR 260 million worth Interim Scrip Dividend last week, Amãna Bank in its latest CSE communiqué have confirmed 4th October 2021 and 6th October 2021 as the XD Date and the Record Date respectively for the dividend.

The 2021 Scrip Dividend, which is in line with the directions of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka to all banks on restricting cash dividends, is issued in the proportion of one new ordinary share for every 29.0000002675 ordinary shares held in the Bank, and is valued at LKR 2.90 per share. Once the Scrip Dividend is concluded, the Bank’s issued capital will increase by 89,705,039 shares to reach 2,691,151,194 shares. The Bank’s latest dividend is 30% higher than the scrip dividend of LKR 200 million paid in 2020. This is the fourth consecutive dividend the Bank has paid, having previously done so in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

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