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Amana Bank Annual Report wins Silver at ARC Awards 2012

Amana Bank August 28, 2012

Amana Bank has won the Silver award for Overall Annual Report for the year 2012 under the 'National Banks' category at the 26th ARC Awards, which are dubbed as the Academy Awards of Annual Reports by financial market practitioners. The ARC Awards are globally recognized, providing a platform for the highest standards in the annual report industry. It is the world's largest international competition honouring excellence in annual reports.

Commenting on this win, the Bank’s Managing Director/CEO Mr Faizal Salieh said "It is indeed an honour for Amana Bank to win such an international award by competing amongst well-established National Banks from over 30 countries. This achievement is significant as we have done so within one year of commencing commercial banking operations. I would like to thank Smart Media, our annual report design company and the Bank’s annual report team for producing an award-winning annual report and also share the joy of this success with our shareholders, who are the ultimate users of our annual report"

The Bank's annual report under the theme "A new way forward, a solid start, a great future" presents Amana Bank’s story of becoming Sri Lanka's first licensed commercial bank to operate in complete harmony with the principle of Islamic banking and how it penetrated the Sri Lankan banking industry in just a couple of months.

The ARC Awards Competition, organized by New York-based Mercomm Inc, is unique in that each annual report is judged against itself, based on its success in communicating its company's story. Judging is based on the values of creativity, clarity, effectiveness, and excellence as symbolized by the ARC Awards.


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