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Amana Bank commemorates Customer Service Week

Amãna Bank October 17, 2022

In commemoration of International Customer Service Week Amana Bank showcased its commitment towards service excellence, by rolling out a Bank wide campaign naming October as the month of Customer Service.

The Bank carried out several initiatives to inculcate its service mantra ‘We Care’ amongst the team. This included quiz competitions focused on customer service, recognition of moments of truth where team members went out of the way to delight customers as well as a creative video competition amongst branches portraying their best practices on delighting customers. During the Customer Service Month the Bank also scheduled the introduction of many digital solutions enabling a novel and convenient digital experience to its customers.

Amana Bank is focused on listening attentively to its customers and places immense value on customer feedback. Therefore the Bank has facilitated multiple channels of convenience for customers to share their feedback across multiple touch points. This includes Customer Satisfaction Rating through Digital Tabs at Branches, Contact Center based satisfaction rating after every call and inviting customers to provide feedback on their digital experience on the Bank’s mobile app. The Bank also looks forward to launch a customer survey focused on customer experience.

Commenting on the Customer Service Month, the Bank’s Vice President Retail Banking & Marketing Siddeeque Akbar said “Customer service is at the heart of our unique model of people friendly banking and we are excited to celebrate and strengthen our service promise during the Customer Service month. Highlighting the importance of customer service, Siddeeque added “We are committed on continuous improvement in line with our mission statement and strongly believe that superior service is the most valuable differentiator. Therefore we take customer feedback very seriously and do our very best to align and improve our offerings in line with the changing customer needs. In a world which is rapidly moving towards digital technology, the essential human touch can be easily ignored. In such a context, Amana Bank is committed to differentiate by ensuring that the essential human touch is made available to our customers with ease. This is why Amana Bank customers never have to go through the agony of long Call Center IVRs and are directly connected to a live agent upon selecting their preferred language. Our people, from the security officers right up to the MD/CEO of the Bank wear the ‘We Care’ badge on their heart, sincerely pledging their commitment to delight our customers through service which is facilitated through constant training, empowerment and process improvement”

Amana Bank PLC is a stand-alone institution licensed by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange with Jeddah-based IsDB Group being the principal shareholder having a 29.97% shareholding of the Bank. The IsDB Group is a ‘AAA’ rated multilateral development financial institution with a membership of 57 countries. Testifying its position as a leading practitioner of the non-interest based banking model, Amana Bank is recognised amongst the Top 50 Strongest Islamic Bank’s in the World by The Asian Banker. Amãna Bank does not have any subsidiaries, associates, or affiliated institutions.


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