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Amana Bank’s “Dear Dad” campaign touches emotions

Amana Bank August 1, 2018

As a Bank which recognizes the importance of social values, Amana Bank took the initiative to remind society that father’s day is not to be celebrated on one specific day, but rather every day throughout the year.

The campaign required participants to inform why their Dad was so special to them. The 10 best entries were selected and gift vouchers were sent to the winner’s fathers along with a customized card carrying a special message written by the winners.

Commenting on the promotion the Bank's Vice President Retail Banking and Marketing Siddeeque Akbar said “There are not many instances where children express their love and appreciation to their fathers. There may be ample things one would want to tell their fathers but they rarely express it. The “Dear Dad…” campaign was aimed at bringing out these unspoken words in honouring the love and guidance showered upon us by our beloved fathers.”

Expressing their sentiments on the promotion, a winning entrant said: “I am truly grateful for what my father has done for me and I appreciate that Amãna Bank has taken this initiative to convey the positive message of not celebrating father’s day only on a particular day as every day is a father’s day.”

Upon receiving the gift voucher and a dedicated card, an emotional father said “On behalf of all fathers, I am thankful to Amãna Bank for recognizing the special love and bond a father has with a child. This is a very touching moment, and I will cherish it for a lifetime.”

The 10 winners of the “Dear Dad” competition are as follows: Nilusha Karunarathne, Fathima Rizmiya, Indika Fernando, Prabha Paranagama, Shelin Ruzmaniya, Nilukshi Cooray, Afrath Nawas, Prashadi Udayanani, Rangika Hansini and Khadeeja Fairoze.

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