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Flexi Term Investment–A novel product from Amãna Bank

Amãna Bank June 15, 2016

Amãna Bank, Sri Lanka’s premier non-interest based licensed commercial bank, has introduced a novel investment account to the Sri Lankan banking industry, with the launch of its Flexi Term Investment Account. Amãna Bank’s Flexi Term Investment Account provides customers with the flexibility of depositing additional funds to one single account at any given time, thereby facilitating customers to grow their account balances beyond their initial investment.

Commenting on the launch of this innovative product, Amãna Bank’s VP - Consumer Banking & Strategic Marketing Siddeeque Akbar said “There was a need in the market for customers to top up their fixed or term investments account balances as and when required without going through the struggle of opening and managing multiple accounts. With the introduction of our unique Flexi Term Investment account, we have given our customers the convenience to grow their term deposit balance whenever they get additional cash flows while also enjoying a higher profit ratio.”

Deposits to the Flexi Term Investment Account can be cash, fund transfers or foreign remittances. Customers can monitor the growth of their investment through quarterly statements and the Bank’s Internet Banking facility. The customer can withdraw his initial investment as well as subsequent deposits at the end of the initial 12 month investment period.


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